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China Visa Questions and Answers

Q1: When is the best time to apply for my Chinese visa?
A: The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is 1-2 months before your travel date. However, if you are running short on time, we can process your visa in 1 business day. For example, if you overnight your application to us on Monday, you can have it back in your hand on Wednesday with our same-day rush service.
Q2: How long is a Chinese visa valid for?
Q3: How long can I stay in China with a Chinese visa?
Q4: Do I have to send you my passport? Is it safe to send a passport?
Q5: I need Chinese visas for two people. Can I send them in one package? How should I calculate the fees?
Q6: Can I use my own FedEx account number for return shipping?
Q7: I will travel between Hong Kong and the mainland multiple times. Do I need a multiple entry visa?
Q8: I'm not a US citizen. Can you still process my visa application?
Q9: Do I need a visa for visiting Hong Kong and Macao?
Q10: I'm going to China on January 1, and my visa expires on January 10. Can I still stay for 30 days?
Q11: Do I need to send one check made out to the Chinese consulate and one to your service center? Or can I make one check for the total price?
Q12: My passport expires in 9 months, can I still get a 12-month multiple entry visa?
Q13: I have an American passport and a Canadian passport (or some other non-US passport). I would like the Chinese visa to be issued in my Canadian passport so I can travel on that passport. Will this be possible?
Q14: I have been offered a job in China and want my spouse and children to accompany me. What type of visa do my family members need to obtain?
Q15: When it says to affix a passport photo, does that mean I must glue or tape the photo to the application?
Q16: My spouse is a Chinese national. What sort of extended stay visas may I apply for?
Q17: I am going to China on tourism and have no inviter or relative in China. How do I complete sections 4.7 - 4.10 on the visa application?
Q18: My US passport is expiring in 4 months, would I be able to get a single entry visa valid for 3 months?
Q19: I am a cruise ship crew member and we do not receive our crew badges until after we have boarded the ship. Is there something I may submit in lieu of the crew badge?
Q20: I am a crew member holding a crew visa for China. I would like to travel to China this time as a tourist. May I apply for a tourist visa and still keep my crew visa?